Friday, January 9, 2009

Days 1 - 4: Yelena's Starter Home Venue

Yelena Andropova picked up the phone to start her first business.

For years, Yelena had saved all of the money she'd earned from the many jobs she'd had in her native Russia. She had just immigrated to America to fulfill her dream of becoming a millionaire.

After converting her currency, her savings amounted to S20,000. She purchased a small lot containing a tiny, somewhat dreary building, and bought some used equipment and furniture. She was left with S8,233.

Her place had aqua indoor/outdoor carpeting (even in the shower!) and green painted walls, and basic plumbing and lighting. There was also a tiny, unfinished back room in which Yelena could sleep.

Yelena set the price of her first business venture to "Ridiculously Cheap", since she knew no one in town and, at this point, she needed contacts more than she needed money. A few people wandered by, and Yelena talked them into giving her establishment a try.

Once her new customers had settled in, Yelena went to work for the day as a mailroom attendant. When she returned from work, she was pleased to find that her home venue had brought in S80 in her absence.

Yelena bought a small used fridge from some college graduate, and made herself a sandwich for supper. She thought the fridge was a good purchase, because she could prepare food on top of it and wouldn't have to pay additional money for a counter.

After supper, Yelena set up the free computer that had been left in her front yard. "What a country!" she thought to herself. She then looked for a job that would pay better than the mailroom.

At work, Yelena had heard a rumor that Indian folk art and prints by Edgar Velveete were good investments, so she bought several of each, though she was careful to keep enough Simoleans to buy herself a decent bed.

After chatting up her customers, Yelena went outside to fish. She caught only catfish, which she didn't know how to cook, and several old boots, all of which she promptly sold.

While Yelena was at work on Tuesday, her home venue reached Rank 1. She had applied in advance for several community grants, so earned S1,000 for the improvement in her business.

On Tuesday, Yelena was promoted at her Military job.

Though she liked being in Elite Forces, it didn't pay on Wednesdays, so Yelena looked for a job that did. While searching, her home venue reached Rank 2, and she received another cash reward.

Yelena happily harvested some Simoleans from her money tree. "What a country," she thought to herself. "Money really does grow on trees!" She decided to spend some money to put down a floor in her bedroom, after someone from the Garden Club pointed out that she would soon have to start weeding if she didn't.

The time Yelena spent getting to know her customers was paying off. Brandi LeTourneau had told Yelena how to get a discount on anything Yelena wanted to buy and, since Brandi was trying to raise money to start her own Adventure business, she had agreed to work part-time for Yelena making snapdragon bouquets. (Yelena had heard that such bouquets could keep customers in a good mood and result in their spending more time at a venue.) Yelena also discovered that Kennedy Cox (who seemed to be hanging around a lot) shared her interest in making money.

Later that night, Yelena realized that, using Brandi's discount, she was able to make decent amounts of money buying and selling bookcases online. Yelena was delighted with this discovery, and engaged in multiple trades of bookcase arbitrage, until she got her available cash up to S15,000.

Hungry, she resumed fishing, and finally caught a bass, one of the few foods she knew how to cook. She went inside to prepare it.

The mini fridge Yelena had bought from the college kid turned out not to have been a good investment, as it had no room for leftovers. So, Yelena had to sell the mini fridge and buy a (used) larger fridge, and a counter.

A bit after midnight, just as Yelena found a Science job as a test subject, her venue reached Rank 3 and she received another cash award.

On Wednesday, Yelena was promoted at her Science job.

To celebrate, she invited Kennedy over and proposed engagement to him. "We will be good together, Kenny. We want same things," she told him earnestly.

Kennedy was surprised, but thrilled to accept. Not only did Yelena love money as much as he did, but she was also absolutely gorgeous, he thought. He didn't even mind that she seemed to think his first name was "Kenny".

Yelena and Kennedy got married right away, since Yelena argued there was no reason not to. "What for we wait?" she queried. "We make better progress getting millions together." Kennedy knew he'd made a wise match, financially.

Kennedy moved in with S14,000. Yelena had hoped he was richer, but she wasn't entirely disappointed. "Kenny have good potential," she thought to herself.

Kennedy chose his Lifetime Aspiration Benefits--all 4 of the Fortune, and 2 of the Needs, to match those of his new wife.

Yelena--who understood that appearance was important in business--immediately encouraged Kennedy to style his hair differently, and convinced him not to shave. "No one buy from man with skinny lips," she thought to herself.

Yelena also convinced her new husband to look for a high-paying Military job.

While Yelena slept (alone, because there was only one single bed), the home venue reached Rank 4, and the young couple received a S20,000 cash award.

After a couple of hours' sleep, Yelena arose and gave Kennedy the bed. Yelena looked for a high-paying Military job for herself.

Both Yelena and Kennedy were promoted at their Military jobs on Thursday.

"I'm beat, babe," sighed Kennedy. "Me too," replied Yelena. Kennedy looked at his wife. "Too bad only one of us can sleep at once," he needled.

"Oh, I solve problem!" Yelena assured him brightly. "Buy new bed today. Was delivered while we at work."

Excited, Kennedy raced to the bedroom in anticipation of finding a big double bed, wondering on the way whether he had enough energy to consummate his new marriage before falling asleep from the exhaustion of his workday. He was crestfallen to find that Yelena had bought an additional single bed.

"No room here for double bed," Yelena announced matter-of-factly before crawling into one of the beds and instantly falling asleep.

After a few hours, Yelena and Kennedy arose and joined their customers playing cards. Their home venue reached Rank 5, and the couple received another cash award, this time of S50,000!

"Okay, time to shut down business," declared Yelena abruptly as she stood up from her chair. "Everybody, peoples, time to leave."

Kennedy looked at his wife in amazement. "What--why?"

"Because now we have big money, and can afford better place," Yelena responded. "And I have exhausted all cash awards I can get here. Next place, you open home venue. Then we eligible for more cash awards."

Kennedy marveled at his wife's pragmaticism, and at her business sense. Even as Yelena was shooing customers out, Jill Fleig gave them a "Best of the Best" award.

"Besides, in new place," Yelena looked at her husband slyly, "we can maybe fit big bed." Kennedy grabbed her and kissed her in delight.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Yelena and Kennedy moved out Thursday night. After 4 days' play, the score is 40 (3 promotions for Yelena and 1 promotion for Kennedy, times 10 points).


Where are Yelena and Kennedy moving?

Will Yelena's pattern of relentless job-hopping continue?

Will that art investment pay off?

Will Kenny (errrr, "Kennedy") ever consummate the marriage?


  1. Ha ha - I just found your blog - I like your heroine's pragmatism.

  2. Yelena really has a great business sense. I wonder what will their new home look like.

  3. Impressive, you made 50k in 4 days?! dang