Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Hiatus

The gang is on hiatus for the summer until I finish writing and blogging my Sims 3 Gardener/Angler/Cook Challenge, the rules and blog for which can be found here:

When I resume posts for this Million Dollar Challenge, we will see how much money the various Fortune Sims made from their summer businesses--especially for the newly married Nanny Kendal (who's being blackmailed by a mysterious man and so needs money to buy him off) and Yuri Cox (who did in fact buy Sugar Cube Bowling, partly so that he had some excuse to hire the pretty but directionless Lilly Thompson). We will also see how excited Meadow and Orlando's young son Marcus will be to start school, and whether anything remains of the difficult relationship between Yuri and the ambitious and soon-to-be-rich realtor, Rebecka Louie.